In Georgia, roots of wine theraphy tradition is centuries old , which is proved by ethnographic material and written sources.

Wine had versatile purposes in Georgian folk medicine. It was used as a stimulating, and preventive features against various kinds of diseases. Wine was used separately and together with other ingredients (complex drugs) as well . Diverse range of ancient Georgian wine treatment is recorded in manuscripts.

According to “Karabadini” ( ancient medical book ), wine was used differently for treating variety of diseases, : ,, ~ ointment made of wine (eg. In the ointment), soak with wine ,, ~, ~ ,, Mix water and wine, wine steam Á ~, ,, great little wine ~ Mix water, etc. .

Wine treatment is similar in folk medicine. Treatment was made with pure wine, wine mixed with water, wine vapor (inhalation), drug made of cold wine. Some diseases, such as trauma (wounds, fractures and burns, etc.). were healed with wine., children’s (and therapeutic gynecological) diseases were cured by alcoholic wine.,, Due to observations, wine which was used in these cases, didn’t contain alcohol but maintained useful features ~ .,, “boiled “wine is a simple medicine if not considered complicated ingradients of wine itself . Embers were put into wine after extinguishing coal was taken away and given as a medicine,, “boiled “wine is a 'strong drug component - it is the main ingredient, with variety of wild augmentations.

It should be noted that in folk medicine, preference is given to a black wine, because it is more beneficial attribute. According to ” Karabadini” all kinds of wine were used for medication, especially old wine,, ~. Old technology, timely harvest of ripe grape, pressing procedure and qvevri set, combination awards wine with high nutritive value and medicinal qualities.

Modern scientific research has revealed that a qvevri wine is a product of complex chemical content . It consists of many components which are unique with positive features.

Qvevri Wine was first studied by Prof. Sergei Durmishidze. In wines, made according to Kakhetian method he found "PP" vitamin , which promotes blood circulation in the human body.

French scientist, Professor Burdzenski, studied chemical composition of “Rkhatsiteli “qvevri wine and a new group of phenolic compound and singled out a blend which prevents development of heart infarction. Enzymes, included in wine, supports digestion and antioxidants protecure. body from variety of pathological diseases. Red wine is characterized by the anti-radiation feature.

Red wine is rich in flavonoids, has anti-allergic, anti-viral and anti-cancerogenic features. Wine consists of large number of antioxidants, which protect humans from cancer and cardo-ivascular diseases. That’s why demand for red wine has increased worldwide .

Drinking 2-3 glasses of wine a day, strengthens the immune system and has positive affect on the human body. But the fact about avoiding alcohol while pregnancy ,lactation and while some other diseases, is worth considering.