Cellar - Marani

Selecting a spot for qvevri placement, is the most important and responsible event. As a rule, advantage is given to dry ground, with mixture of clay. Qvevri is not recommended to be placed close to the ground water, streams, irrigation channels and other. Extra-humidity conditions, can spoil microclimate of qvevri , resulting negative affect on wine.

Historically , there are some kinds of cellars in Georgia: it can be open , a separate closed building, can exist in a house basement and on the ground floor.

Open Cellars, ie,, churistavebi " are common in Imereti region, although they might be met in the west of Georgia, the regions of viticulture and wine making .

More sophisticated cellar is covered . There, presses, vodka distillation boiler, press for grappa and other instruments for pressing are kept.

Separately, standing cellar is mainly characteristic to Kartli region.

Cellars in basements of houses or in the ground floor can also found.

The success of a small cellar is individualism , well preserved tradition of wine making ,passed from generation to generation, controlling wine and being close to it.