Qvevri caring

Qvevri careing is a process , full of responisibility,demanding an effort and great deal of labour . Wine quality depends on hygienic condition of qvevri . The fact which is worth considering ,is that a mistake made once , will give a negative impact on following harvest.

When emptied, qvevri is cleaned and washed with special tools that have been used for centuries. According to the usage , the tools are divided into two types: “Inner” which is used by a person who is down in qvevri , and “ upper” for caring small qvevri s .

Each, has special traditional name : “ satzkhi”, ‘”two armed satzkhi” Inner satzkhi” “ upper satzkhi”” orkhushi” khviis broom”, “orchkhe”, “baghlonji”, “ tacsagris broom”, inner broom”, “ophicho”, kvincha”. In the East Georgia washing tools for large “ inner qvevri s” (a person can go down in ) are made of different plants. It should be noted that one of roots of these plants is a bearer of natural antiseptic features. In Guria, broom made of corn hair, so caller "orchkhumi", is used.

Tools for washing “ upper” parts of small qvevri s, are made according to special technology, that’s why , they are ordered to craftsmen. This tool is a long handle, attached to a well-beaten, bitter cherry, birch bark or deck bundle.

აFor qvevri caring with the traditional means, usage of substances such as:caustic soda, citric acid and other disinfecting substances, based on peroxide , are not needed due to qvevri ’s natural features. Accordingly, the inner wall surface of the qvevri of organic material, unspoiled wax , which will positively affects wine quality.

After washing, qvevri is filled with water and left for two days. During this period, walls of qvevri gets rid of wine remains; then qvevri is emptied, after which inner walls arecovered with ash and left for drying.

Temporarily empty qvevri of any size, , periodically is processed with sulfur smoke which prevents formation of unwanted microflora.

In fall, a week earlier before harvest , qvevri s are washed: they are filled with water again and left for two days then emptied and rinsed with sulfur, after that qvevri is ready for making wine of unique qualities.